Hard Chrome Plating



Y&W Technologies offers an advanced low friction chrome (LFC) surface treatment that dramatically improves the performance of surgical instruments. LFC has been used in the orthopedic industry for many years and virtually all medical companies use LFC on their surgical instruments to improve performance and reduce refurbishment costs. LFC also provides a protective barrier between nickel-bearing stainless steel and the patient’s body, protecting patients who are nickel sensitive.

Advantages of using LFC

Low-friction chrome applies directly to stainless steel for a tough and attractive protective coating. Y & W’s LFC coating will:
•Increase hardness - LFC has an extremely high Rockwell C Scale hardness of approximately Rc 72 compared to Rc 42 - 44 for 17-4 PH stainless steel
•Reduce friction LFC’s coefficient of friction approaches that of Teflon, reducing galling and drag on mating parts such as collets and reamers
•Improve corrosion resistance
•Reduce wear
•Maintain cutting edges - High hardness and low friction mean edges stay sharper longer
•Keep instruments looking like new - No water spots or dingy appearance due to autoclave.
•Reduce heat buildup - Less friction means less heat when cutting bone, which decreases the chance of bone necrosis
•Reduce metal debris

hard chrome plating