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How do you know that your instrument coating is bicompatible?


Y & W Technologies Low-Friction Chrome is a USP Class VI approved coating that meets or exceeds all biocompatibility tests required by ISO 10993 standards.

Biocompatibility Tests Performed by NAMSA on Low-Friction Chrome from Y&W Technologies:

Due to this extensive testing, you can be assured that Low-Friction Chrome coating from Y & W is safe to use on your instruments.

In fact, Y & W's Low-Friction Chrome may even reduce the incidence of nickel sensitivity that patients sometimes experience, due to contact with the stainless steel instruments that contain up to 15% of nickel or more. The pure Chromium coating acts as a protective barrier between the patient and the nickel in the instrument, thereby reducing the chance for a nickel allergy reaction with the patient.

Don't leave anything to chance, make sure that your instruments are as safe as possible - use Y & W Technologies USP Class VI approved Low-Friction Chrome coating on your instruments.