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Y&W Technologies offers electropolishing of stainless steel to enhance the microscopic surface of a metal object by removing metal from the object's surface through an electrochemical process. The electropolishing process creates a smooth lustrous even finish while also removing burrs, high spots and shallow machine lines. Metal removal during this process can be maintained to ensure customers satisfactions and limit the possibility of rework or scrap.
Electropolishing will produce excellent results on both 200 and 300 series of Stainless Steel.
The photograph to the right shows the dramatic effect of electropolishing on 304 SS tubing. At 10x magnification, processing marks are clearly visible on the tube to the left (before EP). The tube on the right, after being subjected to the electropolishing process, shows a much-improved finish. Electropolishing is also extremely effective in removing oxidation and discoloration of 17-4, 17-7 and 400 series SS components that have been subjected to heat-treating.
In addition to improving surface finish, electropolishing can be used to debur components, or reduce the diameter or length of slightly oversized parts. Since the EP process removes material, it is important to specify any critical dimensions, and to allow for extra material so that these dimensions are met after electropolishing.

Advantages of Electropolishing

•No fine directional lines from abrasive polishing.
•Material smoothing and deburing without mechanical treatment.
•Excellent light reflection and depth clarity with a bright, smooth finish.
•Relieves surface stress providing an enhanced surface for final machining processes.
•Reduces friction and abrasion while increasing the objects magnetism.
•Eliminates the opportunity of embedding contamination debris into the objects surface.